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To do list & WAF


Blinking Chibi
Iddy by SashaVasileva
Catherine von Bertold by SashaVasileva
LCMetalArt by SashaVasileva
Note me before paying~
Chibi for Zheniya Shiyan by SashaVasileva
For Jodminster 2 by SashaVasileva
Death Parade - Decim by SashaVasileva
Chibi 2 of 2 for 77kagura77 by SashaVasileva
Write me a note before requesting commission ^^

Commission Information [OPEN]
Katya Brown by SashaVasileva
Lawcere - the Prince of Something by SashaVasileva
RitaRaven by SashaVasileva
Shazari Hirano by SashaVasileva
Write me note before requesting commission ^^
WhiteWolfTikaani: Kim and George by SashaVasileva
Lilly from the valley by SashaVasileva
Megumi and Kazuichi Souda by SashaVasileva
Penef by SashaVasileva
Write me a note before requesting commission ^^
Aiko by SashaVasileva
Kim and George 2 by SashaVasileva
:QiwiComm: for Libidon by SashaVasileva
Qu and Blaze by SashaVasileva
Write me a note before requesting commission ^^
Pony for Kira Lisina by SashaVasileva
Commission for Dollop-o-Kitten by SashaVasileva
Pony Examples-5 by SashaVasileva
Write me a note before requesting commission ^^


Sep 2, 2015
5:39 am
Sep 2, 2015
5:23 am
Sep 2, 2015
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Sep 2, 2015
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Sep 2, 2015
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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 19, 2015, 2:36 AM

I am back~

Sorry for all the inactivity DX

First of all - I apologize for all my commissioners for the delay for your orders!

I am getting back to them ASAP and they will be done within next 2 weeks or so >^<



:clap: Congratulations to MeriFren ! :clap:

I was afraid no one would remember it XD

Those of you who missed it – do not be sad >^< There will be more kiribans or requests in the future c:

Next kiriban however will be announced later when I will finish all drawings I owe to other people >^<”


And lastly…

I would like to tell a bit what have been happening past few weeks that kinda explains all inactivity and stuff…

You do not have to read everything if you do not have to XD A lot of stuff happened and I felt like sharing them with you


Month of August overall was very busy. Whole July I spent in my home village and the last day of my stay on 31th of July my cousin got married \030/ And I was helping them with cooking and all the preparations.

-3 by SashaVasileva

The next day – on 1st of August I had a flight back to city, it was delayed and I arrived very late. Which wasn’t very fortunate since the next day I had to go to work, plus I had no place to live by then.

I’ve been renting apartment for almost 3 years and owners stopped renting it. I was supposed to move to my cousin’s house but he was away from the city so first few days I had to sleep on a floor of my sister’s tiny flat. Right now I already moved in cousin’s house.

New house is really nice, I have my own room and finally I have a personal workspace. The only thing that saddens me is that since my cousin already has a pet I was not allowed to keep my own cat TT_TT I had to leave it with my mom in village, I hope in few months I’ll be able to collect some money to rent other flat and bring her back >^< plus the cat which lives in my new place is the most unfriendly cat I’ve ever met DX It attacked me and scratched my face the second day I moved in QAQ and it is also huge and scary…

-5 by SashaVasileva
-1 by SashaVasileva

My daily routine of course was ruined after vacation so I was struggling trying to get back to my regular one. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have time to do it because now my own sister was getting married too XD


It was held in groom’s village not far from the city on 15th of August.

So again I’ve been away from city ^^”

Me and my family had to go to village earlier to help with preparations. The ride there took us around 6 hours, mainly because we had to wait for ferry boat to move to other side of Lena river.

Wedding itself was great! I visited a lot of great places!

-2 by SashaVasileva
-1 by SashaVasileva

After wedding we had to rush back to city. I had night shift on 16th of August so we tried to move out earlier to be on time but no XD I was still late to work. And all because of relatives who wanted to take picture next to everything that looked pretty XD We even managed to visit Buluus (local sight where ice doesn’t melt even in summer) and local zoo.

And so

Finally everything is over and I can get back to my regular routine =v=
I just got enough sleep and ready to work ever more~ *0*

BACK!!! [life update]

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 2:54 AM

I am finally back to the city >v<
I am so sorry for all my commissioners who have been waiting for their commissions done >^< 
I am currently working on them so they will be done as soon as possible!

Also a little reminder - my commissions are almost always open ^^ So if you want to order a drawing just check out my journals for more info:

I am opening animated chibi commissions like these:

Animated Color Bullets PriceAnimated Color Bullets 
12$ or 1200 :points: (Paypal is prefereable)
Animated Color Bullets If you want a chibi then just fill in the form and write me a noteAnimated Color Bullets 
Desired expression:_
Payment method:___
:alert: Read previous journal. These chibis will be done during my trip to village:alert:
                  Commission Information [OPEN]!!! COMMISSIONS NOW ARE OPEN !!!


*for point commissions please use commission widget on my profile!
10 USD / 1000 :points:


8 USD / 800 :points:
  Mira by SashaVasileva


16 USD / 1600 :points:
WhiteWolfTikaani: Kim and George by SashaVasileva Lilly from the valley by SashaVasileva Commission for Igunenko by SashaVasileva


20 USD / 2000 :points:
  QiwiComm: Starscream for Ren-Friday-13 by SashaVasileva  Silver the Human by SashaVasileva :QiwiComm: for Libidon by SashaVasileva For Igunenko by SashaVasileva

Few words about the trip:
I've been staying with my family in the village. My brother is building a house so I was helping him (well, mainly only cooking though XD). 
Also last Saturday one of my nieces got married *v* Again I was helping with cooking and organization.
The day after wedding I had a flight back to city, the flight was delayed for few hours. 
After arrival I stayed with my sister, in the house which was already overcrowded so I had to sleep on the floor for 2 days XD 
And FINALLY an hour ago I moved in the appartment where I will be staying next few months (hopefully >v>' I hope some day I will stop renting houses and will finally have my own)

My vacation is over so today is also my second day of work =<=' 
Hopefully tomorrow I will reply all comments and replies and at least try to clean up my inbox >v>'' And if I am lucky enough I might hold a stream if anyone would be interested



Is anyone interested in animated chibi commissions from me? ;v; 

29 deviants said I want to see them, but cannot commission one
19 deviants said Yes, I will definetly commission you!
3 deviants said Examples: Iddy by SashaVasileva Anokin by SashaVasileva LCMetalArt by SashaVasileva
2 deviants said Not interested



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